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Keystone Country Manor offers the appearance of rustic, hand-laid stone walls with the strength and ease of installation provided by the latest in modular, pin connected technology. Rugged, yet blended with color and character, these high strength concrete units appear as natural stone that has weathered over time like the old world stone walls found throughout Europe.


Country Manor units

  unit A unit B unit C unit D unit E unit F
height 6" 6" 6" 6" 6 "6"
width 14/16" 10/12" 12/12" 8/10" 6/8" 4/6"
depth 10"
10" 10" 10" 10 "10"
weight 60lbs 40lbs 45lbs 45lbs 35lbs 25lbs
pins yes yes yes yes yes yes

Product size, weight, color and product availability varies by location. Please contact your local manufacture for up to date product information.

Download Country Manor specifications:

Keystone Country Manor Specifications


CM section gravity vertical CM section gravity battered
Gravity wall section - near vertical Gravity wall section - set back

Download the following Country Manor details available in PDF or DWG format:


CM step 1 CM step 2
STEP ONE | Prepare the base leveling

Remove all surface vegetation and debris.
Step 1More ...
STEP TWO | Install & level the base course.
Place the first course of units.
Step 2More ...
CM step 3 CM step 4
STEP THREE | Insert the fiberglass

Place the pins into the holes.
Step 3More ...
STEP FOUR | Install core fill &

Provide crushed stone drainage fill.
Step 4More ...
CM step 5 CM step 6
STEP FIVE | Install additional courses.
Place the next course of units over
the pins.
Step 5More ...
STEP SIX | Capping the wall.
all steps until ready to place the wall cap.
Step 6More ...

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Country Manor
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Country Manor
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Country Manor
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Country Manor
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Country Manor
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Country Manor
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Country Manor
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Country Manor
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Country Manor
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Country Manor
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Country Manor
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Country Manor
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Country Manor
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Country Manor
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Country Manor
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Country Manor
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Country Manor
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Country Manor
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Country Manor
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Country Manor
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