Paver Facts

Why are paving stones the best choice?

Interlocking Paving Stones are individual pre-cast pavers that just like gemstones, they come in a great variety of colors, shapes and sizes to create a unique look. Paving stones can transform any place into the center of attraction. Be it a driveway, patio or pathway.

Paver Facts, Oakland CAPaving Stones are so popular for many reasons and every day they are becoming more and more popular. Find out why interlocking paving stones are the best choice if you are looking to replace your dirt, cracked concrete or asphalt driveway or patio; paving stones are the answer.

Paving stones are much stronger than concrete. Interlocking paving stones are earthquake resistant. Paving stones can be removed and reinstalled without leaving a trace.

Pavers, Lafayette CAConcrete is hard and brittle and thus prone to cracking and cannot be repaired without leaving marks if you were to repair a service line underground. Concrete has been tested to withstand only 2,000 PSI, but interlocking paving stones have been tested to withstand up to 8,000 PSI and that is an amazing amount of strength.

Paver Installation, Hayward CAInterlocking Paving Stones are set in a friction of class 2 base rock and sand mixture, thus they do not move around at all and remain flexible. This flexibility means that with cold and hot weather the expansion and contraction do not in any way create deformations on the paving stone installation.

Pavers Contractor, Danville CAPaving stones can be easily replaced in case is necessary. Most importantly paving stones add beauty and aesthetics to your environment and value to your home. And when it comes to quality and beauty Diamond Pavers is the solution.

The installation comes with 30-day satisfaction guarantee and 5 year warranty on the labor.

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