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Paving Stones Sealer, color enhancer and joint Stabilizing Sealer seals the surface and bonds joint sand between interlocking concrete pavers, clay and natural stone pavers. Protects the surfaces from staining and resists acid, salt, other corrosives and weathering while protecting against discoloration from damaging UV light. It can be used both indoors and outdoors on both new and old surfaces. Gloss Finish Joint Stabilizing Sealer is water-based, single component and epoxy-modified. It exceeds all VOC and EPA standards. The product is non-hazardous and has the consistency of water. It is milky white in appearance when applied, and dries crystal clear creating a semi-gloss finish thus enhancing the color, sealing the paver joints and protecting the surface from stains.


The pavement surface should be clean, dry and free from oil, dust and any loose material. Using sealer on interlocking pavers, the paver joints should be completely filled with dry, correctly graded jointing sand with the top level not exceeding the bottom of the chamber or 1/8” below the surface on a non-beveled or tumbled paver surface. Use of a leaf blower as a method to remove dust and fine sand particles from the surface and achieve the optimum joint sand height.

Application Information:

At Diamond Pavers, Inc, we apply liberally and evenly with a siphon pump, bulk sprayer or hand-held garden sprayer. Flood joints to ensure proper sand penetration and stabilization and use a soft foam squeegee to direct excess material into the joints and to remove all excess material from the surface. Saturate the surface of the pavers to ensure proper coverage.

Drying Time:

The interlocking paver surface should be dry to the touch within approximately 30 minutes of application. Ensure that pavement is protected from moisture and traffic for at least 24 hours after application and, although initial joint stabilization occurs quickly, complete curing will take additional time. Drying time will vary depending on temperature and humidity.


Diamond Pavers uses BP PRO paver sealer products for all concrete paver surfaces. It protects your paving stones against oil and dirt penetration. BP PRO paver sealer resists oil and calcium, and wears evenly. There are several types of sealer products that can be applied. Sealants also can prevent weeds from germinating. Diamond Pavers recommends reapplication of sealer on a 3-5 year schedule.
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