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With unmatched strength, stability, and a rugged appeal, Keystone Verazzo Stone™ is angled and textured on two sides, providing exceptional design versatility to blend with any landscape. Featuring color blends to compliment any outdoor décor, Keystone Verazzo Stone™ offers Keystone’s proven pin connection system to make aligning units effortlessly.


verazzo unit

  large medium small
height 6" 6" 6"
width 14/16" 8/10" 4/6"
depth 10.5"
10.5" 10.5"
weight 68lbs 35lbs 27lbs
pins yes yes yes

Product size, weight, color and product availability varies by location. Please contact your local manufacturer for up-to-date product information.

verazzo vertical section verazzo setback section
shown in the vertical position shown in the setback position


Use this guide for estimating the number of Keystone Verazzo Stone units required.

WALL LENGTH (measured at wall face including curves)
6' 12' 18' 24' 30' 36'
6" (1 course) 8 15 23 30 38 45
12" (2 courses) 16 30 46 60 76 90
18" (3 courses) 24 45 69 90 114 135
24" (4 courses) 32 60 92 120 152 180
30" (5 courses) 40 75 115 150 190 225
36" (6 courses) 48 90 138 180 228 270

  Maximum Height Vertical Position   Maximum Height Setback Position
  • Maximum wall height not to exceed 36". The maximum height is based on a level grade, total granular soil, wall built-in setback position, and no surcharge. Contact your local Keystone representative for design options on wall heights exceeding 36" or supporting surcharges and backslope
  • Change in color on the chart denotes the maximum wall height for vertical and setback positions.
  • Keystone recommends cap units as the top course and/or caps of freestanding walls secured with Keystone KapSealT adhesive.


step 1 step 2
STEP ONE | Prepare the Site STEP TWO | Set Base Course
Start by digging a shallow trench 12" deep by 24" wide. Cut through and remove any sod, roots or large rocks. Place a 6" leveling pad of compacted sand or gravel in the trench to receive the first course of Keystone Verazzo Stone. Place and level the first Keystone Verazzo Stone unit. Level each additional unit on the base course as you place it, making sure that the outside edges touch. If your wall contains both straight and curved areas, start with a straight area and build into the curves. Complete the base course before proceeding to the second course.
step 3 * Note: For straight line walls, unit faces can be alternated to create a more random look.
STEP THREE | Pin, Stack & Fill
Starting with straight areas first, begin placing the second course. Center each Keystone Verazzo Stone unit over the pins on the joints of the course below in a running bond pattern as shown. Now proceed to the next layer, backfilling as you go. For drainage between units and behind the wall, clean gravel or crushed stone is recommended.

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