Outdoor Fireplaces in Orinda, CA

Outdoor Fireplaces, Orinda CA

Sitting out on a patio or deck on a cold evening and enjoying the warmth of the fire gives us a relaxing and cozy feeling. Having a fireplace or fire pit in your backyard is undoubtedly an excellent idea and the feature adds a comforting and welcoming look to the space. Diamond Paving Systems, Inc, is a leader in the hardscaping industry in Orinda, CA, and surrounding areas. From our base, we cater to clients across the region and focus on providing tailored, cost-effective solutions.

Customized Residential Fireplace Services

We have in-depth knowledge of different types of pavers and can handle your outdoor fireplaces installation job expertly. In addition, we have years of experience in the field, and our skilled experts precisely know what it takes to build beautiful and classy customized fireplace designs that will perfectly blend-in with the outdoor area of your property.

Our skilled fireplace installers will carry out all work carefully and thoroughly to ensure that you are happy with the result. We have carried out many fireplace installation jobs; and, in case you have a spacious yard, consider getting a larger custom stone fireplace installed.

The Types of Fireplace Materials

Once you get a fireplace installed along with the additional features like a sit-out area etc., it becomes the central point of your backyard. Many property owners prefer to get a fireplace installed along with their landscaping project.

However, we carry out the installation of these features on existing properties as well and can help with installing a brick fireplace during your yard upgrade project too. We take extra precautions to see to it that all materials and designs that are used complement other elements of your property. Here are a few materials that you can choose from for fireplace construction:

  • Natural Stone - Stone is probably the most common material that property owners want for their outdoor fireplaces. By custom designing the feature your fireplace will have its own unique look. As a result of careful installation by our skilled experts, these features can easily last you several years with minimum maintenance. Natural stone blends in perfectly with both traditional and modern landscape designs. Popular choices include travertine and flagstone.
  • Concrete - This is the perfect option if you want the look of a stone fireplace in your landscape without spending additional money on it. Consider getting a concrete fireplace with a stone overlay. The construction process is fast, and the materials used result in a perfect, modern-looking feature. We can customize the installation if you don't want the stone overlay, which will reduce the overall price. The main drawback of this material is that the constant freezing and heating effect results in cracks in the concrete, which is why it's a good idea to get veneers installed on the surfaces.
  • Brick - There are several advantages to selecting outdoor brick fire pits. They complement landscape designs that incorporate brick walls or pavers beautifully. Besides, this material can also withstand changes in climatic conditions.

High-Quality Fireplace Installation & Design Services

Our team of highly skilled experts can create fresh and modern stucco outdoor fireplaces. These are relatively easy to install and come in a variety of colors as well. When you hire us for a job, you are assured of excellent services at competitive pricing. The experts will work with you and note down all your specific requirements so that you have the fireplace of your dreams.

For any more information about our expert exterior fireplace and other services, feel free to contact Diamond Paving Systems, Inc, at 1-888-610-1762. We always assure you of the best services and reliable and efficient solutions at very reasonable outdoor fireplace installation costs.