Firepit & Fireplace

Firepit, Danville, CA

Landscape designing is an art and it’s a lot more than just adding a few trees and shrubs and growing a patch of turf. The minute you get a feature such as a firepit or a fireplace installed on your property, it creates a very unique and inviting look. Today, a large number of homeowners across Berkeley, Los Altos, Concord, Los Altos Hills and Oakland opt for stone fireplace installations in their backyard. At times, these may be installed in an open space or in a semi-enclosed outdoor kitchen area too.

A number of customers from Palo Alto, Campbell, South San Francisco, Cupertino as well as Alviso have also requested us to handle these projects for them; and a backyard fire pit is another popular feature that some people prefer instead of fireplaces.

Regardless of what your requirement is, it is important that you hire the services of a reputed and experienced company that will be able to handle the design and installation of these features. Diamond Pavers outshines the rest of the players in this space and over the years, we have built a very strong reputation across the region.

Fireplaces, Orinda CA

Fireplace Installation Process

We follow a very methodical work process in all our projects:

  • When you call us with your request, the owner & contractor of our company will come over to your location
  • He will understand what your vision for that space is
  • The area will be surveyed
  • Detailed measurements will be taken
  • We will have a discussion with you and provide design ideas in case you want some inputs
  • Once you have finalized the design and approved the materials to be used, the work will commence on the decided date
  • The best quality materials and top-notch workmanship will be used in the installation
  • Our on-site supervisor will ensure that the work is being carried out as scheduled and that it is progressing in a timely manner
  • The work site will be left neat and clean at the end of every work day

As you can see, we have a very meticulous approach and we follow this regardless of whether you want a small outdoor firepit or a large stone fireplace on your patio. We work very closely with you while the project is in progress and maintain constant communication; this ensures that the work is completed to your 100% satisfaction and within the stipulated budget.

Fire Features, Moraga CA

Fireplace Materials

We are the experts who leave no stone unturned in designing and installing modern fireplaces using stone, concrete, brick and veneer. We can also design very classic old-world design concept firepits and fireplaces, to complement the look of the rest of your property. You can choose from a variety of natural stones, brick veneers or any other finish you want.

For additional information about our services for fire pit and fireplace installation and a no-obligation quote, call Diamond Pavers at 1-888-610-1762. You can also use this online form to contact us.