Paver Installation Services in Berkeley, CA

Paver Installation Services, Berkeley, CA Pavers are a beautiful way to upgrade driveways, walkways, patios, and pool areas. But proper paver installation is crucial to create a finished look that lasts. Diamond Pavers has years of expertise installing high-quality paver surfaces for Berkeley, CA, homes, and businesses.

Whether you’re looking to install traditional concrete pavers, natural stone, porcelain, or specialty pavers, our team has the skills and experience to handle any paver project. We can transform your property with new, durable, stylish pavers designed to suit your unique needs with our industry-leading services.

We follow a systematic, tried, and tested paver installation process for the best results, which includes the following.

Paver Selection

With so many paver styles, materials, shapes, colors, and textures, the options can seem endless and:
  • Our staff will help you select suitable pavers for your project based on factors like intended use, drainage needs, design style, and maintenance requirements.
  • Popular paver choices include clay brick, tumbled stone, polished concrete, porcelain tile, and natural stone like travertine, bluestone, or granite.
  • We source pavers from top manufacturers to find you the perfect fit. Bring your vision, and we’ll help match you with quality pavers to suit your unique space.

Paver Installation Process

Our expert paver installation process includes the following:

  • Site evaluation - We assess the site layout, slope, drainage, and soil type to determine the required base materials and depth.

  • Excavation and grading - We dig out and level the area to prepare for base installation. Proper grading is critical.

  • Base installation - Layers of crushed stone or gravel are compacted and leveled to form a solid base.

  • Bedding layer - Sand or fine gravel is screeded as the final smooth, even bed for the pavers.

  • Paver setting - Pavers are placed in the desired pattern and cut as needed for a seamless fit.

  • Edge restraints - Borders hold the perimeter edges in place neatly and securely.

  • Joint filling - Polymeric sand is swept into the joints, activating interlock and stabilization.

  • Compaction - A plate compactor is used to settle pavers correctly into the bedding layer.

  • Cleanup - We remove all excess materials and debris, leaving a pristine finished paver surface.

Porcelain Pavers For Pools, Patios and Driveways

Porcelain pavers offer an incredibly durable paver option and can mimic the look of natural stone, concrete, or clay pavers. Diamond Pavers often recommends porcelain pavers for pool decks, patio installations, and driveways. Porcelain pavers resist fading and staining, tolerate freeze/thaw cycles, and stay cooler in hot weather than concrete. Their dense composition makes them very strong under heavy use.

These paver stones won’t degrade from salt or chlorine exposure, so they're ideal around pools, and they come in various colors and textures, giving a customized look. We properly install porcelain pavers with slope, drainage, base stability, and joint integrity in mind.

How We Excel in Paver Installations

With decades of experience, Diamond Pavers offers trusted paver installation. We handle all necessary site preparation and paver finishing touches. Our crews complete jobs efficiently with minimal disruption to surrounding areas, and we always clean up thoroughly afterwards. We are the company to call for affordable, quality paver installation that enhances the value and usability of your residential or commercial exterior space.

Our expertise in paver installation allows us to provide sturdy, even paver surfaces built to enhance your property for decades. We handle smaller residential projects and commercial jobs with the same expertise, skill, and professionalism, focusing on creating the best experiences for our clients.

To inquire about our paver installations and range of hardscaping services in Berkeley, CA, please contact Diamond Pavers at 1-888-610-1762 or fill out the Online Form on this page. One of our experts will call you back to provide suitable solutions.