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AB Fieldstone a Revolutionary Retaining Wall System

AB Fieldstone is an Eco-Friendly Product

Green recycled eco-freindly retaining wall blocks The patented multi-piece AB Fieldstone system allows the use of recylced materials in each assembly without sacraficing the beautiful appearance of the facing unit. AB Fieldstone anchoring units are always buried, so using a higher percentage of recycled materials in the anchoring unit will never affect the appearance of the wall.

Each anchoring unit is produced using recycled materials. Allan Block producers use recycled materials available locally.

Additional Reasons AB Fieldstone is Green:

  • Materials used to manufacture the product are local raw materials, that minimize fuel needed for handling and transportation.

  • Due to efficient manufacturing processes, there is very little waste when producing the AB Fieldstone product.

  • Improving the environmental impact using a product that is made of recycled materials.

  • If upon project completion there are excess AB Fieldstone anchoring units, they can be saved and used on the next project as they are universal units and can be used on all AB Fieldstone projects.

  • AB Fieldstone retaining walls can help projects achieve LEED points in 14 different credits.

  • By using the AB Fieldstone product you can build projects that are environmentally friendly applications to help with soil erosion and water management.

  • AB Fieldstone is made of concrete, which is a durable building material that surpasses the life-expectancy of alternative (such as timbers or railroad ties). Concrete products do not contain toxic materials that are sometimes found in these treated timber and other materials.

A Natural Stone Look & Feel - Available Colors & Textures

AB Fieldstone's revolutionary system combines the engineering, durability and ease of installation of a segmental retaining wall with the raw beauty of nature.

Each AB Fieldstone Series has a unique texture. Check with your local supplier to find out which of the following textures and colors are available in your area. Colors are an approximate representation of available colors.

AB Fieldstone Sierra Series

Sierra Series - Rustic Creek

Rustic Creek

A harmonious blend of tan and charcoal give a warm earthen feel.
Sierra Series - Canyon Springs

Canyon Springs

Deep rich hues of red and charcoal, reminiscent of a brownstone quarry bring a touch of classic elegance.
Sierra Series - Glacier Bay

Glacier Bay

A crisp blend of gray and charcoal inspire a dramatic glacial presence.

Sierra Series

AB Fieldstone Cascade Series

Cascade Series - Rustic Creek

Rustic Creek

A harmonious blend of tan and charcoal give a warm earthen feel.

Cascade Series

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