Top 5 Retaining Walls Applications

Retaining Walls, Hayward, CA Retaining walls have both functional and aesthetic purposes. In their most basic form, these are stabilizing structures used for holding back earth. There are many reasons why you may need to install a retaining wall. This can include the prevention of soil erosion, stabilization of sloped yards, and your aesthetic preferences. Whatever your goals, it is important to realize the full scale of benefits offered by these structures. At Diamond Pavers, we would like to share 5 in-depth insights into the unique applications of these structures that you may not know about.

Terracing Sloped Land

Retaining walls are installed to terrace sloped land. If your property is on a slope, the sloped area can be cut into a series of steps. These steps will then be supported by properly designed and installed retaining walls. There are many benefits of terracing:

  • Steep land can be terraced to grow crops
  • Preventing erosion on steep lands
  • Making a steep landscape much easier to maintain

Terracing with retaining walls is also used on commercial properties to prevent erosion and install gardens. The process is also used to create pedestrian access or alter a grade.

Containing Garden Beds

A retaining wall can be designed to keep your garden level. A carefully planned and installed wall can keep out rain from the garden and expands your landscaping options. Landscaping a sloped garden is a major challenge. The lateral pressure created by the sloping can cause download movement of soil.

The retaining wall will be designed to accommodate and redistribute the pressure. This prevents the soil from sliding downwards. The retaining wall can itself be used as a freestanding container garden. Circular areas can be created on the wall and filled with dirt and fertilizer before planting your favorite flowering plants.

Retaining Stone Stairways

Retaining walls are often associated with stairways in landscape design because they work great together. However, retaining walls play an important function in supporting stairways. They can be used to overcome the challenges created by a sloped yard in retaining stone stairways.

Both retaining walls and stairs can work together to structure space. They can be used to create focal points in your garden or define garden rooms. If you have smaller yards, they can be used to create and connect usable spaces.

Retaining Decks and Patios

If you want to install a deck and patio but cannot be due to the sloped area creating the risk of erosion or weakening the structure, a retaining wall can help overcome the problem. A professionally designed retaining wall, installed using high-quality materials can also benefit your home or building.

The walls can also extend into a patio. Stone patios provide a sturdy and low-maintenance option. The patio can originate in your wall, giving a more streamlined look and feel to your landscape. The retaining wall can also be designed to become a privacy barrier. This can prevent the need for fencing.

Creating Seating Walls

Your retaining walls can be enhanced by installing built-in stone benches. You can have freestanding benches designed to match the wall’s finish or seating areas can be connected to the wall. Benches can be crafted into any design or shape. They may or may not have the backing and can be paired with the nearby fire pits and tables.

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