Natural Stone Paver Choices

Natural Stone Pavers, Hayward, CA At Diamond Pavers, we know from experience that once you install natural stone pavers on your property, you can have peace of mind that they will last for decades, with minimal maintenance. Here we look at different types of natural stone paving options available:

Travertine Pavers

This unique and distinctive porous stone is also incredibly resilient with a great aesthetic. Travertine blends in well with different landscape styles, and you can install it on driveways, walkways, pathways, poolscapes, steps, fireplace zones, and more. It is suitable for pool areas because the stone's surface doesn't heat up like many other outdoor materials, making it cooler on bare feet. Since the porous surface allows water to seep into the ground, it helps replenish the water table, making it an eco-friendly paving solution. Travertine is easy to install, maintain and can last for many years with basic maintenance and care.

Flagstone Pavers

Flagstone is an earthy-looking stone that looks great in residential and commercial settings. You can use it in landscapes designed in styles such as modern, traditional, exotic, Mediterranean, and more. You can choose from flagstone pavers of different colors, including sand, charcoal grey, brown, green, yellow, and red. Opt for combination pavers in custom patterns to create a unique look in your landscape. One unique characteristic of flagstone is its distinctive shade variation, which helps create a superb ambiance in your property’s outdoor areas.

Bluestone Pavers

Sandstone is another fantastic natural stone that landscapers use extensively in their projects. The stone is typically available in rectangular or large square paver form. These paver stones are incredibly resilient and can withstand heavy foot traffic, making them ideal for commercial settings. You can choose from three different types of Bluestone:

  • Thermal Bluestone with a uniform texture
  • Natural Cleft Bluestone with a non-uniform texture
  • Honed Bluestone, which has a highly polished surface and is extremely thin
This quarried stone comes in yellow, blue, grey, azure, orange, and green colors. It has high compressive strength and is available in various finishes, making the surfaces slip resistant.

Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain pavers complement contemporary and modern-styled landscapes, and you will find these in a wide range of designs, shapes, styles, and colors. These pavers are like tiles used in indoor settings, only thicker and more resilient. Their high breakage loads make them perfect for high-traffic areas. Exposure to outdoor conditions does not affect these pavers, and their skid-resistant surfaces are frost-resistant. They are durable, the maintenance is easy, so you don't have to spend too much time, effort, and expense on their upkeep.

Regardless of the types of pavers you opt for, hire skilled and experienced professionals for the installations. We are here to guide your choices and complete the installation to industry standards. We also cover our work with warranties so you can be sure of getting high-quality features that will last long.

For more details about natural stone pavers and our other hardscaping solutions, please call Diamond Pavers at 1-888-610-1762. You can also send us your queries and requests through this Contact Us form, and one of our team members will contact you shortly to discuss your project details.

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